Las Vegas Bound

Las Vegas Bound 

Oct. 26, 2012

Almost forgot to make notes in this logbook and here I am just outside Kingman, Arizona.

Las Vegas is just a few hours down the road.

Hey, you have to forgive me-I’m not a writer. I just get to drive the pretty trucks to the shows like SEMA.

I have to say this truck is something special. Everytime I stop 3-4 people walk up and start asking questions. They are all over it.

Even had truckers honk as I went by…that’ shows how much it’s liked.

Love driving it, too. I mean, you get the seat adjusted and hit the cruise control sit back and enjoy the ride.

Four hours pass before you know it. Really drives nice. 

I think this is the best truck Bruce has built, even nicer than the Ford we had last year.

Big red duallys like this are hard to beat.

Well, I better stop writing and get back to driving. That’s what they are paying me for.

Las Vegas here I come.–Jimmy Hardy, Randall-Reilly Shuttle/Project Truck Driver