Custom Billet Badges

Big Red Gets Custom Billet Badges

Nothing says “custom” more than having your own company’s logos on the trucks instead of the typical factory badges. 

That’s why we enlisted the help of Billet Badges’ Steve Smart to create some unique trim pieces for Big Red. What Steve sent to us are sweet pieces of art that set our truck apart from any other on the road. 

These particular badges are milled on a CNC machine from one-piece of billet aluminum.

“We specialize in one off designs with no minimum orders,” says Smart. “Our services include custom 3D CAD design, CNC machining, polishing, painting, and powder coating. We believe in customer service as our number one priority.”  

We pulled off the 3500HD badges because we figured anyone who knows pickups knows duallys are 3500s. And in their place, well, our own little touch of custom.