Performance package for Duramax


Maximize the potential of your Duramax with the Performance Package from aFe Power

Corona, CA – advanced Flow engineering is pleased to announce the release of their new Performance Package for the 2006-2010 GM Diesel Trucks V8-6.6L (td) LLY/LBZ/LMM Space, P/N 45-24001.

Maximize the potential of your Duramax with the Performance Package from aFe Power. This performance package includes an intercooler (P/N: 46-20051), intercooler tube: hot side (P/N: 46-20049) and a turbo inlet manifold (P/N: 46-60039).

Intercooler – This brand new BladeRunner Intercooler represents the next generation of intercoolers. The BladeRunner intercoolers utilize a 3.15″ bar and plate design that is 15% larger than the competitors and outflows OE style tube and fin core designs by 48%.This design results in quicker and more measurable heat dissipation. The unique BladeRunner end tanks are constructed out of 3/16″ TIG welded aluminum plate that incorporate multi-directional vanes to efficiently direct air flow through the entire core for maximum cooling. Every BladeRunner Intercooler is tested at 200psi which is perfect for high boost applications.

Intercooler Tube – The aFe intercooler tube represents the next generation of Diesel performance products. This intercooler tube produced 16hp and 49lbs. x ft. of torque on the Dyno while outflowing the factory intercooler tube by 67%. Not only will you get increased performance but you will also see lower EGT’s and increased MPG. This intercooler tube is constructed of 3″ mandrel bent stainless steel for smooth air flow transition and increased power and comes complete with 5-ply heavy duty couplings and constant tension T-bolt clamps for a tight and secure installation. Note: This kit comes with a bracket to relocate a brake line.

Turbo Inlet Manifold – This Turbo Inlet Manifold increases performance to your Duramax by 9hp and 23lbs x ft. torque. The BladeRunner turbo inlet manifold also improves turbo spool up times and lowers exhaust gas temperature (EGTs). This unit is constructed out of durable A356-T6 aluminum and uses the patented multi-direction vane (MDV) technology to help guide air through the manifold to your turbo. This kit come complete with turbo inlet manifold, inlet adapter with coupling, CCV tube adapter with coupling and all hardware needed for an easy installation.

P/N 45-24001 is being offered around $1690.23 and is available at stores now.

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