4X4 Skid Plates


Full Underbody Protection

Asfir 4×4 manufactures aluminum skid plates and steel winch bumpers for a large variety of off road, commercial, military, public safety and passenger vehicles. Our skid plates are made from ballistic quality, 1/4″ 5052 aluminum, designed to protect the valuable components underneath your vehicle. We offer protection for the: fuel tank, engine, oil pan, transmission, transfer case, steering components, and exhaust. Our aluminum skid plates do not add considerable weight to the vehicle. Less weight on your vehicle means better gas mileage, and less wear on the steering, suspension, and braking components.

Asfir 4×4 manufactures skid plates for the Ford F-150, F-250/Expedition/F-350/F-450/F-550, along with the GM 1500/Suburban/Tahoe/2500/3500 as well as the Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 series. Our skid plates install using the original holes in your vehicle’s chassis and allow free air flow to the vehicle’s cooling system. Each skid plate is designed with panels or openings that allow easy access to the vehicle’s service components, without uninstalling the entire skid plate. Their modular design connects each plate with another to create nearly complete vehicle undercarriage protection, while still allowing for field repairs or replacement. They can be installed or removed with simple hand tools. Our light weight steel bumpers directly replace the OEM bumper without any welding and provide an integral winch mount and recovery points. We also make hidden winch mounts that work with many OEM bumpers. We are currently providing skid plates to two industry leading Brush Truck manufacturers and a few Mining companies that have seen the advantage of our lightweight undercarriage protection on their vehicles.

Asfir 4×4 is an “ISO-9001:2008” qualified company and has obtained TUV approval on various products. The factory is equipped with modern mechanization and advanced technology, allowing the development team to create an impressive variety of products. Due to the manufacturing ability, credibility and product quality, Asfir 4×4 offers a full warranty on all products. The company operates under strict supervision of The SII (The Standards Institution of Israel), Ministry of Transport, and the approved quality system of ISO 9001.