AMP BedStep & BedStep2

AMP Research BedStep & BedStep 2 

Getting easy access to the bed toolbox or, in the case of our Big Red project truck, the service body compartments, requires a step of some type.

AMP Research, one of our main Big Red sweepstakes sponsors, has just the products for the jobt: BedStep and BedStep2.

The BedStep attaches to the driver’s side of the rear bumper, it’s scissor-like activating arm keeping it tucked up flusg against the underside of the bumper when not in use.

Push down with the toe of work boot and it snaps down into position, giving a nice anti-slip footstep that can support 300 pounds.

The BedStep 2 works the same way and has the same capacity. But this step is designed to mount to the pickup’s frame rail to give a step up to reach items in the bed just rear of the cab.

Both of AMP Research’s steps flip down or retract with the nudge of a foot. Bolt-on installation is a quick 10-minute–no-drill–task.

AMP Research: 800-309-6823