Line-X protective coatings


Big Red gets Line-X’d

Color-matched spray-on protective coatings give Big Red and the Fleetwest service body a new look

We are big into funtion with form when we build our project trucks.

Big Red is no exception. In fact, the way Big Red is being setup demands an added level of paint/body protection.

So we turned to our friends at Line-X to help us out.

Line-X’s Jordan Satterwhite

We took  our GMC dually and the Fleetwest Load-N-Go service body to Line-X HQ in Huntsville, Alabama, to have their in-house experts take care of our baby’s bed, the service body and the Fab Fours heavy-duty bumpers. 

Line-X coatings on Fleetwest Load N Go service body.

Line-X offers a wide range of protective coatings from pickups to residential to commercial/construction applications.

Jordan Satterwhite, one of the company’s district team leaders, and several of the Line-X corporate shop guys took a lot of time prepping Big Red’s bed to make sure their protective coating would bond perfectly to the old spray-in bed liner material that was in the truck when we bought it.

They also prepped the Fleetwest service body and sand-blasted our Fab Fours bumpers before covering them with Line-X product. 

Protection from the weather and hard use is what  Line-X  spray-on coatings do — so Big Red is ready for whatever Mother Nature can dish out. 

Function with form. It doesn’t get any better than this.