Portable Fabricator 211i Welder


Combines location flexibility with MIG-stick-TIG welding outputs

ST. LOUIS, July 2, 2012—Victor Technologies today introduced the Fabricator 211i, a fully integrated MIG-Stick-TIG inverter welding system that weighs 57.3 lbs. and offers the flexibility of using either 115 or 208/230 VAC single-phase primary power, 50 or 60 Hz. It delivers a welding range of 5 to 150 amps on 115 VAC and 5 to 210 amps on 230 VAC. To switch voltages, simply connect the 115V/20A power adaptor “pigtail” supplied with the system.

The Fabricator 211i package has an MSRP $1,399, about $900 less than competitive units) and includes a Tweco MIG gun, Stick electrode holder and work clamp and a Victor regulator. Options include a TIG torch and foot control, a spool gun for MIG aluminum, carts for organization and convenience or a roll cage for protection.

“The Fabricator 211i 3-in-1 welder is the most versatile and affordable small welding system available,” says David Wilton, Vice President, Global Welding Products, Victor Technologies. “It combines the convenience and productivity of a 210-amp MIG welder with the portability and input power flexibility of a Stick/TIG inverter.”

Wilton notes that the Fabricator 211i also delivers excellent performance when connected to generator power and is especially tolerant of the voltage fluctuations associated with generator power. The Fabricator 211i provides full rated welding output when connected to a 6,000-watt generator and can weld at up to 150 amps when connected to the 115 V outlet of a 3,000-watt generator.

The Fabricator 211i features power factor correction (PFC). It draws 22% less primary current than competitive MIG welders, is less likely to trip circuit breakers, can provide full rated output on a 30-amp/230V circuit and reduces utility bills because it uses energy more efficiently.

3-in-1 Inverter Performance

The 211i responds to changing weld conditions within 13 microseconds (a micro-second is one millionth of a second). It responds to 16 times faster than competitive Stick/TIG inverters and 640 times faster than conventional MIG welders. The Fabricator 211i can detect, clear and re-establish stable weld conditions before competitive units are even aware an unstable arc exists. As a result, the Fabricator 211i helps beginners learn to weld faster and experienced welders take their results to a higher level. Key features include:

  • Stick Arc Force Control to adjust arc characteristics for all electrodes (including E7018 for structural steel) and a Stick Hot Start function that helps prevent the electrode from sticking.
  • Superior MIG arc starts and better weld puddle stability, both of which promote better weld quality.
  • MIG inductance control, which improves arc stability and reduces spatter.
  • Wire burn back control, which improves MIG arc starts by eliminating excess wire stick out. It also helps address issues related to the wire burning back into the contact tip or sticking in the weld after releasing the MIG gun trigger.
  • Lift TIG for arc starts without high frequency and TIG downslope control, which ramps down the current at the end of a TIG weld to eliminate crater formation.
  • 2T and 4T (latch) trigger control, which reduces hand fatigue when MIG or TIG welding.

The Fabricator 211i enables users to choose the best process for the application at hand. For example, its MIG and gas-shielded flux cored outputs provide maximum productivity in the shop (including with MIG aluminum). The Stick and self-shielded flux cored processes work better in windy and outdoor conditions, as well as on rusty or dirty metal, while the DC TIG process enables users to weld stainless, copper, nickel, bronze or brass alloys or on applications requiring precise control over heat input and weld bead placement.

[Page Break]Welding Outputs

The Fabricator 211i has a maximum output range of 5 to 210 amps/14 to 30 volts with rated outputs as follows:

  • MIG/Flux Cored
    • 115VAC: 140 amps @ 20% duty cycle
    • 230VAC: 210 amps @ 20% duty cycle.
    • Stick (DC only)
      • 115VAC: 120 amps @ 25% duty cycle
      • 230VAC: 200 amps @ 25% duty cycle.
    • TIG (DC only)
      • 115VAC: 150 amps @ 35% duty cycle
      • 230VAC: 200 amps @ 25% duty cycle.

The Fabricator 211i output is tests the output of its units at 104o F, so users can be assured of getting full output even in hot conditions. With an IP23S NEMA rating, the unit is suitable for outdoor use.

About Victor Technologies

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