Snap-on Super Grips

Product Review: Snap-on Super Grips 

New work gloves that really serve and protect when working around vehicles and equipment

Work gloves that provide a lot of dexterity and feel, yet not so thin they rip and tear with the slightest misplaced hand, are hard to find.

That’s why the new Super Grip gloves from the Snap-on line will probably find a permanent home in my toolbox.

These glove are made by Ironclad Performance Wear for Snap-on, so the quality is first-class.

They start with silicone patterns on the fingers and palm to provide maximum grip, while the knuckles are made with Airprene to provide good impact protection.

Super Grips also incorporate Duraclad reinforcement in areas where even more protection is needed.

These traits are great when working around a pickup’s suspension, tires and exhaust like we’ve been doing with our Big Red project truck product installations.

Snap-on Super Grip work glove

The machine-washable Super Grips ($20-25/pr street price) are also lightweight and breathable, so your hands aren’t sweating a lot even in the high heat and humidity we have here in the deep south.

I found these work gloves work excellent with all types of tools from wrenches to air tools to shovels and chainsaws. 

For more information: Check them out at e-tailers such as Work GlovesAmazon and Autozone, or  or call 888-314-3197. — Bruce W. Smith