Maximizing Fuel Economy


Aftermarket products increase mpg in work trucks; SmartSession panel provides fuel-stretching options for business owners during the 2012 ProPickup Truck Expo


by Bruce W. Smith

Fuel cost is a big part of every construction, landscaping, and contracting businesses annual budget.

That’s why finding ways to reduce fuel costs, without affecting vehicle efficiency and productivity, is a goal every fleet manager and company owner is striving toward.

 Alternative fuels and hybrid technology are obvious choices to that end. But they are not the only answers.

Professional contractors, city managers, and others attending the 2012 ProPickup Truck Expo, a trade-only show in Dallas, August 23-25, will have the opportunity to attend a special “SmartSession” focusing on maximizing fuel economy in work pickups.

ProPickup magazine’s editors have brought a trio of automotive and aftermarket accessories experts to explain what truck aftermarket upgrades improve mpg, the role alternative fuels play, and how to determine which products work well together to improve fuel economy.          

“Pickups play a vital role in the world of heavy construction, professional landscaping, in municipalities, and many other businesses,” says ProPickupeditor, Bruce Smith.

Venchurs Vehicle Systems’ Pat Muldoon

“Our readers use pickups every day in their work and drive an average of 30,000 miles a year. They want to increase fuel economy to help lower operating costs. But they don’t want to sacrifice their pickups’ towing and load-carrying abilities. That’s where our SmartSession panelists can help.”

The “Maximizing Fuel Economy” panel includes Pat Muldoon, Vice President of Product Development Engineering at Venchurs Vehicle Systems (VVS).

Muldoon, the former Senior Manager of Product Development Engineering at Chrysler, has lead the way in VVS converting pickups to compressed natural gas (CNG) including Ford Super Duties. 

He is joined by Chris Crecelius, one of the key computer programmers at Hypertech, the technology leader in high-performance engine tuning computer-controlled vehicles. This includes aftermarket programmers designed to improve fuel economy in both gas and diesel pickups.

The third member of this elite panel is Kelly Kneifl, President of TruXedo tonneau covers. Tonneau coversare a proven mpg-booster, and Kneifl will explain how such products also help reduce fuel costs. 

Kelly Kneifl, president of Truxedo tonneau covers

These keynote speakers will provide ProPickup magazine’s “Maximizing Fuel Economy” SmartSession attendees a unique opportunity to learn how to maximize the fuel economy of the pickups they already use – and what upgrades and options make the most economic sense when they purchase new ones in the future.

The “Maximizing Fuel Economy” SmartSession begin at 9 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 24 in Room D166 on the lower level of the Dallas Convention Center.

ProPickup’s SmartSessions, which are part of the ProPickup Truck Expo, target hot topics within the heavy construction, contracting, DOT, utility and professional landscaping trades where pickups play a crucial role. 

This year’s SmartSessions include “Towing & The Law;” “Maximizing Fuel Economy;” and “Power Upgrades.” Space is limited, so attendees should pre-register on the ProPickup Expo website ( to ensure a seat.

The ProPickup Truck Expo, which focuses on full-size pickups and related aftermarket accessories, runs concurrent with GATS and the Pride & Polish truck beauty show.

GATS is a tradeshow celebrating its 14th year at the Dallas Convention Center and draws more than 50,000 decision makers in the trucking and construction markets.