Fuel system cleaner


POMONA, Calif. – Prolong Super Lubricants‘ Fast Fuel Gasoline Fuel System Cleaner is designed to rid a vehicle’s entire fuel system of the grime and dirt to improve operation and maximize fuel economy.

The cleaner is formulated to thoroughly clear the carbon build-up in the fuel system as well as add lubricity to the fuel thus unclogging the injector tips to ensure a full, uninhibited spray pattern for optimum firing.

“Having a clean fuel system is important to correct the effects of stop-and go driving and fluctuating gasoline quality,” said Jon Apogeé, Marketing Manager, Prolong. “Using our cleaner brings efficiency back to your system for peak performance and gas mileage. The Fuel System Cleaner is compatible with all grades of gasoline and effective for at least 3,000 miles.”

To use the cleaner, add it to a nearly empty gas tank before filling it up with fuel. The Fast Fuel Gasoline System Cleaner treats up to 20 gallons of gasoline.

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