Prestige Fender Flares


Prestige offers three different styles for the look and protection drivers want.

We put our pickups in plenty of situations that wreak havoc on the exterior finish. Add wider tires and the amount of material outside of the fenders increases. That’s what Prestige tackles with this trim piece that also adds a custom look to the vehicle.

RX205T fender flares by Prestige installed on a 2012 RAM 3500.

Prestige Fender Flares offer 3 different styles of fender flares – the SX street style, EX wide style and RX rivet style. All styles and applications are available in either the std. finish or the textured finish.The textured finish is exclusive to the “PRESTIGE” brand, and is made of an automotive OE approved ABS plastic which is much more durable, scuff and scratch resistant than any other aftermarket flare available today. The offering of this product has made a positive impact on our company growth and brand in the automotive accessory aftermarket.


 The Prestige SX street style flare provides a neat and seamless style for your vehicle. This style is perfect for the one who prefers a clean line accessory that blends in well and looks like it came from the factory. This flare is also functional in protecting your vehicle from road debris and most harsh outdoor environments.


 The Prestige RX rivet style flares provide extra coverage on trucks with larger wheel and tire packages. This style is supplied with stainless steel nuts and bolts which give the vehicle an industrial and aggressive style without the hassle of actually drilling into the fender. The Prestige rivet style flares update your vehicle with an awesome wide-body look while shielding it from road debris. The extra height of the flares is also a great quick fix for covering rust and minor damages on the fender.


 The Prestige wide style flares are an excellent choice for all trucks with oversized wheels and tires. The extra width of coverage for the tires ensures optimum vehicle body protection from rocks and road debris, keeping paint and body damage to a minimum. Depending on the model application, the extra 4-6 inches of body coverage is also a quick fix for hiding rust and other fender blemishes, therefore reducing the need for expensive paint and body work. Last but not least, this style of flare nicely updates older model vehicles with the wide body look that is so common on today’s models.

With“NO DRILL” installation, premium mounting hardware, a perfect fit and a Limited Lifetime Warranty – it’s easy to see why Prestige has become such a strong choice by many