Fab Fours rear bumper

HD Rear Bumpers

Big Red get Fab Fours rear bumper 

July 3, 2012

We installed the Fab Fours rear bumper a few minutes ago. Good looking and functional upgrade fro any GMC HD.

Usually this upgrade takes less than an hour, removing the cheap OE stock bumper and bolting in the Fab Fours Black Steel version. But not this time.

We had the bumper shot with Line-X protective coating and forgot to have the backup sensor hole taped off.

So they had to be cleaned out before the grommets and sensors would fit. (I busted one sensor trying to get it to fit…a $100 no-no!)

Then we discovered the mounting brackets didn’t line up with the OE frame holes. Drilling new holes added some extra time.

(We think someone shipped us a bumper for a 1500 GMC, not 3500HD.)

But when it was done, Fab Fours Black Steel bumper really looks sharp–and adds a lot to rear protection. — Bruce Smith/Editor