Maradyne Engine Cooling Fan


Dual fans improve horsepower, cooling and fuel efficiency

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Maradyne High Performance Fans(r) offers the Mach Two Extreme Dual 16-inch Fan (part # MM22KX) to fit trucks with radiators whose core is 34″ wide. 

 Featuring the manufacturer’s quiet S-blade design, the Mach Two Extreme Dual 16-inch Fan works as a powerful puller fan to deliver a maximum airflow of 4320 cubic feet per minute (CFM) with an amp draw of 35.4.  The fan, which has two 225 watt sealed heavy duty motors that are IP68-certified dustproof and waterproof, is designed to provide increased horsepower, more cooling and better fuel efficiency.  It measures 17″ high by 33.5″ wide by 3.9″ deep. 

 “Our dual 16-inch truck fan is ideal for gas trucks with large radiators, particularly those manufactured between 1990 and 2002, because it successfully cools the engine without taking away horsepower,” said Fred Garza, national sales manager, Maradyne High Performance Fans.  “This is especially beneficial when towing a heavy load because, unlike clutch-driven fans, our high-performance electric fan allows you to pull full power for improved performance.”       

Made from all glass-filled nylon construction, Maradyne fans feature concentric rings that prevent the blades from flexing as they achieve maximum RPM.  The fans are dynamically balance to provide smooth operation, less noise and longer life for the motor.


The Mach Two Extreme Dual 16-inch Fan includes an adjustable relay harness for the first fan (part # MFA100), an air conditioning relay harness to switch fans when the A/C turns on (part # MFA101) and a dual fan relay harness (part # MFA111).  A variety of optional mounting brackets are also available.      

Maradyne High Performance Fans is a brand owned by DCM Manufacturing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dreison International., Inc., which manufactures and sells air movement and air directional accessories and components serving the high performance, off-road equipment, agricultural machinery, heavy duty truck, automotive, bus, RV, marine and military markets.     

For more information and dimensional drawings, contact Maradyne High Performance Fans at 800.435.7953; fax 216.362.6342; write to 4540 W. 160th St. Cleveland, OH 44135; or visit