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Charlotte, N.C. — Let’s face it — the Rockwell JawHorse is a tough act to follow.  This iron horse from Rockwell took the home improvement and remodeling industry by storm with its incredible clamping force of one metric ton and ability to bear loads up to 600 lbs.  Add a host of accessories from a Welding Jaw to a Log and Chainsaw Vise, and this three-legged workhorse transforms itself into the complete shop work station.

The new JawHorse SheetMaster does everything the JawHorse can do and then some. It is the latest addition to the JawHorse family.  Out of the carton, the JawHorse SheetMaster accommodates 4Ă—8 plywood sheets without additional accessories or tools for assembly.  Its clamping capacity of 0-49 in. wide, handles standard sheet goods, irregular shapes and other workpieces.  Like the JawHorse, it also exerts one metric ton (2,200 lbs.) of clamping force and can support 600 lbs.

“The JawHorse nation spoke and we answered,” said Jeanne White, senior product manager for Rockwell. “SheetMaster was a logical JawHorse transformation and for those new to the product, it’s the start of an all-in-one workstation for any number of projects.”

Builders, remodelers, do-it-yourselfers, hobbyists and crafters often need an extra set of hands to juggle projects, such as hanging doors, supporting sheet rock overhead, installing crown molding, sanding, scraping and painting operations, sawing 4Ă—8 plywood sheets or holding odd-shaped objects.

JawHorse SheetMaster/Add One

Other notable upgrades additions to the SheetMaster include its auto-locking leg latches, which speed the unit’s setup and teardown. With these latches, all the user needs to do is slide a button to release the front legs.  The SheetMaster added some heft, and outweighs the JawHorse by nearly 10 pounds.  The difference in weight triggered changes to the workstation’s mobility.  In place of the JawHorse’s cylinder roller, the SheetMaster features two integrated inline skate-type wheels that carry the workstation over hard surfaces and varied terrain such as jobsites.

A new rear foot on the shipmaster has a non-slip grip, plus the base of the foot is wider to minimize sinking into soft ground.  This third leg has a built-in hand grip, which doubles as a carrying handle for easy transport from one location to another.

The JawHorse SheetMaster is constructed of heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel throughout, and weighs 52.9 lbs. Its wide-stance tripod design keeps all three non-slip feet firmly on the ground, even when the surface is uneven.

In operation, the SheetMaster has the same patented foot pedal design as the JawHorse that clamps the workstation’s jaws by 1 in. with each stroke of the pedal.  This pumping action compresses the jaws until the workpiece is secured. The foot pedal is equipped with a stirrup to prevent the user’s foot from slipping.  The JawHorse sheet master’s, 8 in. x 3 in. steel jaws open to 49 in.

The JawHorse SheetMaster measures 46 in. L x 35-1/2 in. W x 34-3/4 in. H when opened.  When not in use, it folds to a compact 37-1/4 in. L x 14-5/8 in. W x 13-7/8 in. H.  It fits conveniently into vehicles, truck beds, closets, workshops or garages.

The JawHorse SheetMaster takes the place of workbenches, stands, saw horses, vices and clamps. You can set up shop at the job site or in the garage.


JawHorse SheetMaster/Add Two

The SheetMaster also is ideal for apartment dwellers and homeowners who don’t have a workshop or garage.  Store it in a closet, and when needed for projects, set it up on the patio or in the driveway.

The JawHorse SheetMaster (RK9002, $219.99) is available on rockwelltoolsdirect.com and other popular websites. Enhance the usefulness of the SheetMaster by adding exclusive add-on accessories designed to perform specific tasks, such as sawing logs and timber, welding and more. Customize the JawHorse SheetMaster by selecting from the following full line of optional accessories (sold separately):

  • Log and Chainsaw Jaw (RK9101, $39.99) – features steel jaws that hold logs and timber up to 12 in. diam.
  • Saddlebag (RK9102, $19.99) – holds tools and accessories within easy reach.
  • Welding Jaw (RK9100, $99.99) – secures welding work.
  • Tool Tray (RK9205, $24.99) Snaps into SheetMaster for ready tool access

For more information about the Jawhorse SheetMaster, visit rockwelljawhorse.com, call-1-866-514-ROCK or contact:

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