LED Backup Light Install

SERVICE BODY UPGRADE: Buyer’s Products LED Backup Light Install

Need backup lights in your service body or enclosed trailer? Here’s the easy way to make it happen and look like a factory installation

by Bruce W. Smith

If you are a contractor or outdoorsman, there never seems to be enough light when it comes to backing up. It’s also nice to be able to turn those backup lights into work lights.

Here’s how you can add more rear lighting — and useable work light to your truck’s service body or box trailer.

Buyer’s Products offers LED backup lights that are both powerful and sturdy.

The 6.5-inch oval, DOT-approved backup lights are ideal for this application. And they are what we’ve installed on the back of the Fleetwest Load N Go service body on our Big Red GMC project truck.

Daniel Parker at Truck Supply & Outfitters has installed dozens of these lights for customers. In doing so he has come upwith a few steps to make the installation look like it was a factory job. 

{Tip: Wire in a switch so the backup lights can be turned on/off manually if needed.)

As you can see by the photos in the gallery below, it’s the type of upgrade any shop mechanic can handle with ease.