Air Filter Cleaning Tips

AIr Filter Cleaning Tips 

Bully Dog offers a few suggestions on how to get the most out of those air filters

Everyone has had that lazy Saturday afternoon, relaxing in front of the TV when it occurs to us that we haven’t checked our air filter in a while.

Grudgingly prying ourselves away from the game, we crack the hood only to find that we probably should have cleaned it out months ago!

Inevitably, the filter’s plugged with mud, flies and who knows what else, and even though it’s choking off our engine’s performance we really don’t want to dig into that mess.

We’re here to help. Filters will always need to be cleaned, but with our filter cleaning kit and pre-filter it’s much less of a hassle! Flies and other large debris are kept off your filter with Bully Dog’s pre-filter (#225101, 225301, and 225201.

The pre-filter gives your air filter breathing room by keeping out the big stuff, freeing it up to do the job it was designed for: filtering out the fine dust and microscopic particles that have no place in your engine.

When cleaning time rolls around, it doesn’t have to be a headache! Using Bully Dog’s filter cleaning kit makes cleaning easy by providing proper, Bully Dog formulated detergent and filter oil.

Using the included detergent and filter oil, your filter can be clean as a whistle and back to optimum performance in no time flat.

Is your old filter ready for the trash can? Yet again, Bully Dog has you covered. Our line of high performance replacement filters are manufactured under ISO 5011 specifications to ensure quality, durability and lifespan.

Dreading your filter cleaning is a thing of the past: with Bully Dog’s line of easily maintained intakes and intake accessories, you’ll spend less time under the hood and more time in front of the game.