Seat Cover Upgrade

To Protect & Serve: Marathon Seat Covers

Big Red’s interior gets a little protection from the elements with two-tone Superhides

Keeping resale value up and making the interior of a working class pickup isn’t always easy. Dirt, grime and mud from dirty clothes, spilled coffee and sodas, and grease from dropped fries and burgers wreak havoc on seats.

We know Big Red will see its share of those very things as we drive it every day and during the life in the field when a contractor wins it next year.

So we turned to Marathon Seat Covers to provide us the best protection while keeping comfort at a high level. We also wanted to keep the look a little more subdued, yet tasteful.

We installed camo Superhides on both Project Bedrock and Project Super Crew. Those first-hand experiences showed us the covers are form fitting and the waterproof Cordura does it’s job providing both comfort and protection.

What we ended up with is Marathon’s Superhides in a two-tone black/grey style. We also opted for the seatback map pockets, headrest covers, and covers for both the front and rear seat consoles.

It took me about 1-1/2 hours to put the covers on (It goes a lot faster with a second person helping) our 2008 GMC Crew Cab dually. Fishing the hook-and-loop fastener straps under the power seats takes the most time.

So if you are looking for a way to maximize seat protection in your truck, Marathon would be a good way to go. Each set of covers (front/rear) run about $280 with the options.