Big Red Hot Parts

Project Big Red: Accumulating The Build Parts

Upfitting any new truck that comes into the fleet takes a bit of time and forethought.

As a fleet manager you have to formulate a game plan to accessorize the pickup for the job.

You have to think through the parts that will make the new pickup more effective and better performing for the tasks it’ll be performing; and work with the right aftermarket manufacturers so the upgrades will withstand the demands of construction, landscaping and aggregates work.

That’s what we have been doing in the preparation for the Big Red build.

We are working with more than a dozen aftermarket manufacturers to upfit both the GMC Dually Crew Cab 4Ă—4 and the Fleetwest service body that will be gracing the bed.

During the past month we’ve been ordering parts. The list is long and the products top-of-the-line.

The images in the gallery below show what we have accumulated thus far. — Bruce W. Smith / Editor