Line-X Upgrade

Logbook: May 22, 2012

I’m watching Jordan Satterwhite run an orbital sander over the bed lining in Big Red before he moves it into the Line-X spray booth.

Brought the project truck here to the Line-X HQ in Huntsville, AL, to have the bed, Fleetwest service body, and Fab Fours bumpers coated/protected with Line-X Xtra.

Line-X Xtra can be color-matched and it provides an additional layer of UV protection. making it one of  the toughest and nicest looking spray-on coatings on the market.  

Jordan will color-match the top coat of the Line-X on the service body to match the GMC red. We’ve used this product on Project Big Boss with great results.

He’s also spraying our Fab Fours bumpers in black to match the bed coating. Should look really nice. 

I’ll be driving back to our offices in Tuscaloosa tomorrow.

Averaged 14.5mpg on the way up with the 1,100 pound Load N Go service body in the bed.

Not bad running 70-75mph with a big Dually. — Bruce Smith / Editor