BOLT Toolbox Lock Upgrade

1 Key for All


BOLT toolbox handle retrofit kit utilizes pickup’s ignition key to lock latches; simple install saves time and money


By Bruce W. Smith

Fumbling through a half-dozen keys just to find the one that fits a toolbox latch is a royal pain in any contractor’s daily grind. A quick fix to that problem is retrofitting toolboxes that have paddle-style latches with BOLT’s new lock kit.

The BOLT toolbox latch retrofit entails removing the stock latch and replacing it with the BOLT version along with a lock that’s coded to the truck’s ignition key.

BOLT’s Toolbox Latch Retrofit Kit ($45) eliminates the need to carry a wad of extra keys for toolboxes by permanently programing the toolbox lock to the specific vehicle’s ignition key.

The kit works with DeeZee, UWS Truck Accessories and other toolbox brands featuring a paddle-style handle.

David “Chops” Adair at Truck Supply and Outfitters installed the new latches on our Project Super Crew’s UWS toolboxes. The simple retrofit can be done by anyone who can run a drill and use a rivet gun. The retrofit takes less than 20 minutes per latch.


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