Mobile Office

Clean Swipe

New hardware, apps and services make it easy to set up your mobile office for credit card purchases

By Tim Walton


Being able to process credit cards at the point-of-sale can be a great addition to your pickup’s mobile office capabilities.

Verifone takes advantage of the technology associated with the Apple iPhone for use with their point-of-sale credit card processor, PAYware Mobile.

Whether it’s a driveway resurface, landscaping install or gravel delivery, a card reader can help streamline transactions, reduce paper work, minimize collection problems and provide convenience for your customers.

 The advent of smartphones with readily available Internet access provides a mobile connection that can be used in conjunction with a credit card reader accessory. Business owners can use these devices to simply and quickly take payments and print or email a receipt – customer’s choice.


Choosing and/or avoiding a service contract can be as important as the device itself. For example, you may get a free credit card reader that links to your smartphone and a free app operates the device but there is a fee for each transaction.

Another approach charges a monthly fee for the service. A program may combine a monthly fee with transaction fees much like a cellphone service that charges extra for data services.

Make sure you understand how the data transmissions from card readers will affect your cellphone bills if applicable.

Smartphone touch screens provide a method to incorporate buyer signatures to authorize payment. Signatures can also be applied to invoices or receipts, which can be a requirement for some types of credit card transactions.

Some companies offer all-in-one solutions with machines that work as the display, signature pad, modem and printer. So check your options before you sign up for the service.

Here are some of the card reading products we found to make your mobile office and payment point.