Vanair Air N Arc 150


Service body power center makes it easy to get the job done; Vanair’s Air N Arc 150 ALL-IN-ONE Power System is a first-class welder, generator, air compressor, battery booster combo

A service truck without on-board air and electric power is about as worthless as a backhoe without a bucket.

If you want a service truck to be more than just an expensive toolbox on wheels, there has to be a source of compressed air and electricity to power tools.

Having some type of welder onboard is a must as well to make the types of repairs contractors commonly face in the field.

Having all three neatly arranged into one small package in the back of the truck is a huge bonus.

That’s exactly what the 500-pound Vanair Air N Arc 150 All-In-One Power System that we have mounted to the floor of Big Red’s Fleetwest Powerbody brings to the game.

To provide rotary power for compressed air and the generator, the compact unit (20W x 48L x 29H) we have in Big Red relies on a 18hp Kohler four-stroke driving a dual V-belt. The 4.5-gallon fuel tank should provide a good days work without refueling.

Big Red service body with Vanair Air N Ar 150 power system mounted in the bed.

The air-compressor has an 8-gallon tank and a 20cfm rating with a 150psi maximum. That’s enough air power to handle ½-inch impact wrenches and most shop air tools all day long, and enough make use of a ¾-inch impact for short durations.

Vanair’s Air N Arc 150 also delivers 5kW peak watts of “pure sine” electrical juice in 120/240V. The True 2 generator serves multiple functions like any good portable genset and with clean electrical power so there’re no worries running sensitive equipment from it like laptops and diagnostic tools.

The generator can also multi-task: Not only could you power tower lights, you could be welding at the same time, which is great for those night repairs.

Speaking of welding, the other part of the mechanic’s holy trinity is a good welder. Vanair’s combo includes a stick welder that provides150amps AC/DC at 100 percent duty-cycle.

Remote control panel for the Vanair Air N Arc All-In-One Power System.

Our package has the 20-foot cable with the amp control on the electrode holder and a 20-foot boost cable.

The coolest aspect of the Air N Arc 150 system ($7,195) in Big Red is the entire control panel is remote-mounted in the forward driver’s side compartment of the Powerbody. The control panel is one of many accessories Vanair offers for this system.

No crawling up into the bed to power up or adjust the controls. You just stand by the service body and go about your business.

Over the course of the summer we’ll be outfitting Big Red’s service body with hose reels, air fittings, cordless battery chargers and other items so the Vanair Air N Arc All-In-One Power System makes whatever works is needed to be done easy.– Pro

AIR N ARC 150 Specs