Yikes! Stripes!

Project Big Red: Rally Stripes

Logbook Entry; 5/3

Still waiting word from Barkley GMC so we can pick up Big Red.

They’ve had it a week doing touch-up paint/body work, including repairing damage to the driver’s door hanlde where some low-life tried to break in.

(We need to get Big Red some door handle protector plates….)

Can’t wait to see if the “rally” stripes we had them add look as good as Billy Fish’s, our Texas artist, rendering.

The idea is to bring a little “old school” Camaro fun from the ’60s muscle-car era to our project truck. Fingers crossed.

Barkley’s bodyshop also color-matched the Fleetwest removable  service body and did a top perimeter stripe on it as well.

We’ll be taking the truck/service body to Line-X in a week or so to have protective coatings sprayed on, too. — Bruce W. Smith / Editor