Brass & Copper Heater Cores For Trucks


Paso Robles, CA – FlowKooler is proud to be producing American made brass & copper heater cores for various trucks & cars. It started when a Ford dealership in Texas, frustrated with repeat warranty claims due to electrolysis contacted us to make heater cores for the F150, F250, Expedition and Lincoln Navigator.

Electrolysis occurs when the electrical devices in a vehicle create stray electric DC current that runs through the cooling system. This ungrounded electrical current causes electrolysis and galvanic corrosion, an electrochemical reaction in the coolant, turning it into a corrosive agent that eats away at thin aluminum cores in radiators and heater cores. By using brass and copper, it isless prone to electrolytic actions and stress failure. Also, copper has twice the BTU transfer rate of aluminum making it an even better heat exchanger.

These handcrafted heater cores are in the $250 range. Compared to the $50 aluminum replacement, this may sound expensive until you consider the average labor bill of 11 hours to drain the fluids, remove the dash, install a new heater core and replace all the fluids. It is even worse for the person who manages a fleet of vehicles, like the police force of a major metropolitan area who recently contacted us. Repeated vehicle downtime matters.

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