Hunt New Mexico


Deadline to put in for New Mexico draw hunts is March 28th.

By Larry Walton


ProPickup associate editor Larry Walton with New Mexico mule deer


I had a great time hunting mule deer in New Mexico with outfitter Steve Jones owner of  Backcountry Hunts. Here’s what Steve has to say about putting in for draws for this seasons draw hunts in New Mexico:

“With another fall hunting season not that far in the future, now is the time to get into the draw hunts here in New Mexico. The deadline for these hunts is March 28th. The results of the draw will be available May 9th. There is no paper application any more as it is all done online. Go to the game and fish web site at You will first need to get a Customer ID Number, then you can get a Game-Hunting License. The fee for the license is $65. This is a one-time license purchase for all hunts you apply for. Be sure and check box on the application that you will want the refund for the license if you do not draw.”

“My rifle or archery Unit 34 Elk hunt has the option of being a draw or landowner permit hunt,” continues Jones. “Draw hunt rate is $3950 plus tax and license.  Landowner permits for this hunt are between $3750 and $4000. Archery hunt is September 16-22. Rifle hunt is October 20-24.”




The Yamaha Rhino was our primary hunting machine, which was greatly appreciated when an evening kill miles from camp was finished by an easy load and touble free return in time for dinner.



“With the rain comes optimism, so we are looking for a better season than last year’s mule deer hunt. At this time we are scouting new places in New Mexico, country in the mountains and some in the sand hills. These hunts will take place in early November. We will be on private land so you can bypass the draw.”


“At this time, I have four spring turkey hunts in Northern New Mexico near Clayton. The hunt rate for these Merriam birds is $1000 for two birds, plus tax and license. There is no draw required for this hunt.

This winter has been a good one with a decent amount of snow and rain from north to south in New Mexico. I am expecting a good year for antelope horn growth. I have two hunt dates that hopefully will work for your schedule. September 1-2-3 and September 8-22, pick any 3 days for the September 8-22 hunt. Hunt rate for either hunt is $3150 plus tax and license.”


When I spotted this herd of aoudad sheep, I was off and running with my camera. They paused for one photo before heading over the ridge.



The horses were as wild as the free range deer on this ranch, which was 10 miles by 10 miles. That's 100 square miles, guys!