Rigid Dually LED

Rigid D-Series Dually LED lights  

Rigid Industries, located in Mesa Arizona, is the industry leader and originator of the most efficient LED lighting solutions.

Our patented Hybrid and Specter Optics systems and state of the art electronics technology makes our LED products second to none.

Our D-Series Dually is a prime example of this technology.

The Dually is a four-LED light in a compact package that can be used for anything from a reverse light on a truck to a flood light on a trailer or piece of equipment.

With1300 lumens of light, this small light has more light output than a 50W MR16. At a mere 3Ă—3” this light can fit anywhere.

Pulling only 15W you won’t find a more efficient, compact light source.

Contact: Rigid Industries, 480-655-0100