Installing Strobes In Headlights

How-to/Quick Tips


Tips for placing hidden strobes in late-model Dodge Ram Pickup headlight/taillight housings

One of the best locations for mounting strobes is in headlights and taillights because the reflectors provide maximum illumination.

Installing hidden strobes  is simple enough: Cut the proper size hole in the housing, insert the strobe unit and run the wires to the proper location.

This is easy in most pickup headlight/taillight assemblies.

But the later-model Dodge/Ram pickups have a headlight assembly that’s inside a second housing.

This requires a few extra steps to ensure the strobe is 1) mounted properly, and 2) sealed from the elements.

Allcomm Wireless in Birmingham, Alabama, install lighting systems on all types of emergency, utility and commercial vehicles.

An Allcomm installer took us through the steps needed to put strobes for a  Whelen Hide-A-Way system, which uses HA230 flashtube-style heads, in the headlight housing of a 2010 Ram 2500HD. — Bruce W. Smith