Project Truck: Mobil Delvac Big Red

Logbook Entry; 4/16/12

Odometer: 129,560

First service. Barkley GMC tech Rod Halsten checked the Mobil Delvac Big red out from end to end and did the “100,000-mile” full service.

Halsten replaced all the fluids and lubricants from radiator to rear diff using Mobil Delvac heavy duty products. Took him about 2 hours.

Truck looks like it’s been pampered by the previous owner, who lived in Houston. Not a trace of off-road use or any other abuse. Probably a horse-hauler.

Found a little water had seeped in front differential. Lube had milky tinge. Not enough to worry about. Flushed radiator.

Changed all the gear lubes and filters. No  significant metal on any of the various filter’s magnets.

Will change out the trans fluid when aftermarket pan cover comes in.