aFe Ford EcoBoost Stage 2 Intake


Dual intake tube design with H-Pipe balance balances intake tube pressures to maximize air flow and velocity

Corona, CA advanced FLOW engineering (aFe Power), an industry leader in performance cold air intakes, filters and exhaust systems is pleased to announce the release of their new Stage 2 cold air intake for the 11-12 Ford F-150 EcoBoost with the V6-3.5L twin turbo part numbers 51-12182 (Pro Dry S) and 54-12182 (Pro 5R) for the 2011 and 51-12192 (Pro Dry S) and 54-12192 (Pro 5R) for the 2012.

This Stage 2 air Intake system produces an astonishing 33 horsepower and 34lbs. x ft. torque! This intake is the most sophisticated design on the market today. The equal length dual tube design with an H-pipe balance tube increases intake air flow and velocity increasing horsepower and improving throttle response and turbo spool times. Enclosed in a durable 16-gauge heat shield that uses the lower half of the factory air box, two 360 degree conical air filters are used for maximum flows. The one-piece heat shield requires no assembly and the filter is constructed with 100% polyurethane for long life and multiple cleaning cycles.

Equal Length Intake Tube – This intake uses a dual intake tube design with an H-Pipe balance tube to balance intake tube pressures and maximize air flow and velocity.

Dual 360 Degree Air Filters– This intake utilizes dual oval conical Pro 5R performance air filters for maximum flow.

This 5-layer progressive, oiled cotton gauze air filter provides maximum flow for increased horsepower and torque.

Top Mounted Heat Shield Design– aFe developed this heat shield to snap onto the top of the lower half of the factory air box to provide a hassle-free installation utilizing factory mounting locations

In recent testing, part number 54-12192 produced 33hp, 35lbs. x ft. of torque.

This intake retails for around $429.00 and is available in stores now.

For more information on this or any other aFe product, please visit our website at or contact our Power Professionals at 1-951-493-7155.