SSBC Brake Upgrade

SSBC Disc Brakes Replace Drums

Logbook: 4/4/2012

Mileage: 10,051

Just left Truck Supply & Outfitters where David “Chops” Adair spent the day upgrading Bedrock’s brakes.

We went from drums in the rear to  14″  SSBC performance discs and upgraded the stock front disc/rotors to SSBC performance versions with triple-piston calipers..

Stopping power is noticeably better; firmer brake pedal and a lot more brake grip.

The joke is my 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab 4×4 is now setup like the old GM pickups that had factory discs all the way around.

GM has big disc brakes on the HDs, and now, thanks to the folks at SSBC, I’ve got similar stopping power on Project Bedrock.

SSBC’s triple-piston calipers are massive and the slotted discs look like they can handle any task–on road or off-pavement.

Watch for the installation how-to in our June issue! — Bruce Smith/Editor