Dodge Ram diesel truck motor mount inserts


Older Dodge Ram pickups in your fleet can benefit from upgrading the motor mounts. Torque twist, rough roads, long years and heavy loads all contribute to degraded motor mounts.

PROTHANE now has available motor mount inserts for 1994 – 2002 Dodge Cummins® B series Diesel engines. Stock mounts suffer from slop and play which cause failure of the OEM rubber units. PROTHANE offers an easy fix, precision fit inserts for improved performance. These specially formulated, high-strength polyurethane inserts are designed to absorb the high torque of the Cummins power plant., and they are impervious to oil and grease. The PROTHANE inserts install in stock mounts with no modification required.

PROTHANE offers suspension bushing kits, motor/transmission mounts, chassis mounts, bump stops and driveline couplers.

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