Global Outfitters: Ultimate Turkey Hunting Setup


G.O. Joe Archer, circa 1912, had to camo-up and develop new tactics before becoming much of a threat hunting turkeys with a bow. In fact, the bow toting turkey hunter reached near extinction as Native American Indians gained access to modern firearms in the 1800’s. It wasn’t till the very early 1900’s when the first archery hobbyist mastered field archery and first considered testing their sporting skills against our almost national bird, the Wild Turkey. The transformation has taken over a hundred years. This is relatively a short span of time in evolutionary terms, and it is safe to say that both human species and Meleagris gallopavo (turkey) species are certainly alive and flourishing.

Global Outfitters has selected ROCKY Head-To-Toe camo to “The Ultimate Turkey Hunting Setup”. ROCKY’s Head-To-Toe packages deliver the matching apparel you need for your next big outdoor excursion. From hats to boots and everything in between, ROCKY has you covered. Packages include ProHunter, BroadHead and LongRange. Many products feature scent blocking ScentIQ, SilentHunter fabric and the new line of Long Range boots and apparel.

Global Outfitters celebrates the bow toting turkey hunter this year by defining “The Ultimate Turkey Hunting Setup”. Reviewing and testing the newest technology for turkey hunting this spring are experts Byron Ferguson and Dr. Warren Strickland. Lodge owners, Mike Goodman of Goodman Ranch in West Tennessee, and Harlan Starr, of Chattokee Lodge in East Alabama, host Global Outfitters and an expert panel of Outdoor Writers including J. Wayne Fears and John Howle to define “The Ultimate Turkey Hunting Setup”.

Turkey hunters everywhere can keep up with the progress and contribute to the process by visiting The entire program will be documented and reported as it unfolds, then aired on Pursuit Channel this fall in documentary format on The Global Outfitter Show