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Transfer Flow Fuel Tank Systems

Transfer Flow, now celebrating over 27 years in business, is your source for safe, reliable, and legal fuel systems!

Transfer Flow is a technically oriented manufacturing company in Chico, California, that is equipped and staffed to handle complete fuel system requirements.

Our main objective when founded in 1983 was to service motorhome and trailer manufacturers with OEM fuel systems.  Since then, we have extended our product line by creating a niche as a full

service fuel system manufacturer for van conversion, body builder, and OEM manufacturers.

In 1994, Transfer Flow relocated to a new 35,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility situated on two acres.  In 2000, Transfer Flow built an additional 20,000 square foot building on an adjacent three acre parcel, and in 2008, a 15,000 square foot warehouse was added.

Transfer Flow has about 60 employees, with the average length of employment being over 14 years!  We are so fortunate to have a dedicated, loyal, and hard working staff.

Our entire workforce understands that the quality of our products is first and foremost in everyone’s mind. And Transfer Flow stands behind our products by offering lifetime technical support of our fuel tank systems.

Transfer Flow has two markets for its fuel tanks:  Aftermarket and OEM.

Aftermarket Fuel Tanks
Customers purchase Transfer Flow’s aftermarket fuel tank systems when they want to increase the fuel capacity and driving range on their pickup, cab chassis, or van.

With a larger replacement fuel tank or auxiliary fuel tank system on their vehicle, our customers can increase their driving range, and have the luxury of shopping around for the best fuel prices.

Our aftermarket fuel tank systems come with all the components needed to complete an installation.

For example, if a customer wanted an auxiliary fuel tank system for his pickup, we would supply the fuel tank, fillneck assembly, in-tank sending unit, straps, mounting hardware, wire harness, emissions canister (gas systems), and all the necessary fasteners.

We pride ourselves on selling only legal fuel tank systems that meet all current federal and state regulations.

OEM Fuel Tanks
Transfer Flow manufactures OEM fuel tanks for several top-of-the-line RV manufacturers and van conversion companies.  This includes fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks, and generator tanks.

Our engineers have even designed fuel tank systems for numerous van conversion companies as well. Transfer Flow puts forth every effort to manufacture quality, worry-free fuel tank systems.

We have developed a very good relationship with the California Air Resource Board (CARB) and the Department of Transportation (DOT ) because of our dedication to providing our customers with superior products that meet the required regulations.

So it should be no surprise that ProPickup looked to Transfer Flow when it came to extending driving range with a 56-gallon replacement fuel tank for 2008 GMC Sierra 3500HD, Big Red.

Transfer Flow, Inc.

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