Tailgate Seating



TaleGator provides instant seating on the jobsite or anywhere else you go for fun.

The TaleGator is a one piece patented seating system for the tailgate of a pickup truck.


It contains two beverage holders, a snack tray and the design is such that it provides a cushioning effect when you sit on it compared to the bare metal tailgate or the ridged bedliner which is quite literally “a pain in the butt”.

It weighs only 6 lbs and can be easily attached with self-tapping screws or push pins and fits directly to the tailgate or over the existing bed liner.

TaleGator is made in Michigan from High Impact ABS polymer and is perfect for tailgating at NASCAR events, hunting, picnicking or anywhere you need extra seating.

The TaleGator is vacuum formed (thermoforming) from ABS High Impact polymer. It is made from recycled material and is 100% recyclable.


The plain Black TaleGator can be purchased through our store sitewww.thetalegatorstore.com .