DiabloSport inTune

DiabloSport inTune Programmer

One iPhone-size tuner handles both gas & diesel engines

DiabloSport’s new inTune programmer is the latest and most advanced handheld programmer available today.

With dual processors and more than 1Gig of memory, inTune is the most powerful, fastest, and reliable programmer on the market.

The inTune programmer, which is the same size as a smartphone, features all supported vehicle applications under one part # (I-1000).

The compact programmer provides touch-screen programming, data logging, custom tuning, adjustable parameters, universal diagonsotics, and DiabloSport’s world-famous “canned” tunes designed for more power and better fuel economy.

Cutting edge software makes setups fast, easy so anyone can tune their vehicle in a matter of minutes following the instructions on the color touch screen.

inTune leaves no “footprints” or “watermarks” in the vehicles PCM and provides automatic online updates. Comes complete with both OBDII and USB cables. 30-day Money Back Guarantee.  $389.

For full details, go to: DiabloSport inTune.


DiabloSport's inTune features list is long.