BD Diesel overspeed protection

BD Diesel Positive Air Shutdown

Contractors working in the oil and gas production, petrochemical and refining industry, know  an overspeed diesel engine is not only an ignition source, but also a potential detonation source that can cause serious harm.

That’s why many safety/standards organizations recommend that employers operating in these types of areas have their pickups fitted with an emergency shutdown system.

BD Diesel’s Positive Air Shutdown (PAS) kits are an easy upgrade that fills such requirements.The BD PAS will help prevent a diesel engine from grenading should it come into contact with volatile gasses.

The compact, inline butterfly valve is activated by a heavy duty electrical solenoid to shut an engine down within seconds when overspeed is detected.

Exclusive locking lever prevents accidental closures from vibration an innovative bead boot-lock design keeps rubber boots securely in place under high boost pressures.

Aluminum and stainless components plus waterproof electrical connectors for corrosion resistance.

Easy to install with no welding needed.  Kits available for 3” and 4”post turbo engine intake and either a  RPM Over Speed Sensor or manual shutdown options.

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