Bedslide work models



Bedslide heavy duty gets the job done.



BEDSLIDE is simply the easiest way to load and unload your truck.  It turns your truck bed into a sliding drawer.  BEDSLIDE is about efficiency—minimum time and energy for maximum results. BEDSLIDE is all about getting the job done right. There is a BEDSLIDE model to fit almost any truck, van or SUV to make loading, transporting and accessing your freight simple and safe.


If you’re a contractor, landscaper or tradesman who drives a heavy-duty, full size truck, check out the BEDSLIDE 1500 PRO CG and 2000 PRO HD. With 8-inch side rails and integrated A-TRAC for accessories, this BEDSLIDE will make your day easier-professionally or recreationally. Now, you can haul and easily access up to a full ton of tools, supplies or equipment safely and securely.

Each BEDSLIDE can be adapted with custom boxes, racks or dividers. Plus, our riv-nut mounting system makes installation and removal a cinch. Manufactured in the U.S.A., BEDSLIDE has built its reputation on precision craftsmanship, dependability and durability