Vehicle maintenance tips

On The Road Again  

Permatex offers maintenance tips to ready your pickups for spring and summer travel

The return of warm weather marks the return of road trips for millions of motorists across the country.

Whether going to a jobsite, the beach for some vacation time, or heading off to parts unknown, hitting the open road with the windows down is a time-honored tradition for drivers of all ages.

But such road trips can prove disastrous if drivers don’t take the right steps to prepare their vehicles for spring and summer travel. The following are a few ways motorists can ensure their car is ready to tackle the open road.

Tighten things up. Loose parts, such as exhaust clamps, license plates, and interior trim panels, can create rattles and cause parts to get damaged or fall off.

What’s more, rattling sounds can be a noisy nuisance for drivers and passengers alike. Permatex® Threadlockers can be used to keep the nuts and bolts from coming loose and save parts replacement costs.

They also have a threadlocker for plastic fasteners, which vehicle manufacturers have grown to rely on more and more.

Fix foggy headlight lenses. Many spring and summer road trippers travel at night so their days can be spent soaking up some sun at the beach or lake.

Before heading off for parts unknown, motorists should inspect their headlight lenses to reduce risk of accident.

If the lenses are yellowed and foggy, that’s likely because salt, ozone and road debris has dulled them to a point where vision can be impaired, placing drivers and their passengers at risk.


Check batteries and connections. Clean terminals are a must.


But foggy lenses don’t mandate an expensive headlight replacement. In fact, the Permatex® Lens Renew Kit makes it easy to clean up and polish dull headlight lenses and restore them to like new condition, improving your car’s lighting and driver visibility.

Check the battery. Over time, battery terminals and cables will start to corrode.

Such corrosion will eventually eat away at the battery’s parts, creating a bad connection that sooner or later will require the battery be replaced. Clean the battery periodically as part of routine vehicle maintenance.

Address windshield nicks and bullseyes. Nicks and chips in the windshields are a common problem regardless of the season.But such damage is most prevalent in the winter because of the extra debris that’s on the road.

These nicks and cracks need to get fixed as soon as possible to prevent them from spreading and resulting in the need for a windshield replacement.

Oftentimes, motorists can address nicks and bullseyes in their own driveways in a matter of minutes. For example, the Permatex® Bullseye Windshield Repair kit is tailor made for do-it-yourselfers, requiring no heating or mixing while ensuring each repair is virtually undetectable.

More information on easy repairs that you can do yourself can be found at  the Permatex website. (Article provided by Permatex.)