Pulling power, load-carrying capability, passenger comfort, versatility and dependability wrapped up in a stylish package makes for a great combination when it comes to a pickup working in the construction, aggregates, landscaping and contracting trades.

It’s also a nice combination to have in a DOT, utility or municipality’s fleet.

A pickup becomes even more desirable when it has a fully functioning service body that can be transferred from truck to truck—or left on the jobsite or in the shop—when called upon to serve as a tow vehicle or other work/recreational needs.

Big Red, our sweepstakes project truck for 2012, is destined to be such a pickup.

This 2008 GMC Sierra 3500HD Crew Cab SLE Dually 4Ă—4, power by the venerable 6.6L Duramax diesel, will be transformed into quite a versatile work truck during the next 12 months with a long list of upgrades and aftermarket add-ons.

In early April 2013, one lucky sweepstakes entrant will be handed the title and the keys to Big Red!

We have chosen a used truck as the base for this year’s sweepstakes truck build for the simple reason not everyone is in the market to buy new.

Save money buying a well-maintained used model, upgrade it with the tools, equipment and accessories that fit the needs of your trade best, and you have invested wisely. That’s our build goal.

We’ll be up-fitting Big Red with a long list of aftermarket products and accessories that will make it a versatile, efficient, powerful tool on and off the jobsite

Of course, none of this would be possible without the support from our wonderful ProPickup sponsors listed below.

We are proud to have Mobil Delvac as Big Red’s title sponsor. Our big GMC will be ensured a long, healthy life with Mobil Delvac premium fluids and lubricants protecting the vitals.

So with that, let the build begin. – The Editors