Air control systems


Firestone Industrial Products adds eight new options to their Air-Rite Air Control Systems product line.

Customers can select their compressor based upon usage – choosing from Light Duty, Standard Duty, Heavy Duty, Xtra or Xtreme – as well as their desired gauge style – Classic, Electronic or Remote – to be able to continuously monitor their ride height.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Firestone Industrial Products Company, LLC offers a wide variety of air control solutions, adding eight new options to their Air-Rite™ Air Control Systems product line.

The Air-Rite Air Control Systems are designed to provide an instant air source to Firestone’s complete line of suspension solutions, allowing for quick, convenient adjustability of air helper springs. Simply push a button inside your cab – or use Firestone’s useful remote – to adjust the ride of your air suspension products for various load and road conditions.

“By expanding the Air-Rite accessories line, we’re giving users the flexibility to choose the exact air assist product to fit their needs,” said Todd Green, regional sales manager, Firestone Industrial Products, Ride-Rite™ division.

Among the options for Firestone customers are various air compressor systems, including a Light Duty system to complement the manufacturer’s Coil-Rite™ and Level-Rite™ products and ideal for vehicles with consistent loads; a Standard Duty unit that is ideal for most ½ ton trucks with moderate use; a Heavy Duty compressor, which is designed for 8-lug or RVs, wide load ranges and regular use; an Xtra unit perfect for heavy usage and those who want the ability for small fills, such as motorcycle tires; and the Xtreme compressor, which is meant for heavy usage and those who want the ability for large fills. The Firestone Air-Rite Air Control Systems are also available with an Analog or Digital display, as well as Single, Dual or Automatic Control options.

Firestone’s new Air Command™ System products include:

Light Duty Air Command (part # WR17602538) – A value option, this Air Command product is ideal for smaller vehicles carrying lighter loads. It has a compact design for easy installation and can inflate two air springs equally.

Electronic Air Command – Featuring an electronic control that allows users to adjust air pressure at the push of a button, the Electronic Air Command product comes with the Standard Duty air compressor and either a Single gauge control (part # WR17602544) or a Dual gauge control (part # WR17602545).

Remote Air Command (part # WR17602540) – The Remote Air Command product allows users to increase or decrease air pressure from up to 50 feet away, letting drivers visually inspect a vehicle’s ride height and air pressure while the vehicle is loaded. In addition to increased functionality, the system includes the Standard Duty air compressor, an improved rechargeable remote, three memory settings, an electronic interface and sealed components.

Heavy Duty Remote Air Command (part # WR17602541) – Featuring the same benefits as the Remote Air Command product, this unit comes with the Heavy Duty compressor.

Xtra Air Command (part # WR17602266) – Using the classic air gauge and the Heavy Duty compressor, this system provides fingertip control of the air springs and comes with a ½ gallon air tank. It is ideal for small fills.

Xtreme Air Command (part # WR17602543) – This new Air Command product features an Xtreme compressor, 2 gallon tank and a Single gauge control. It is also available with a Dual gauge control (part # WR17602549).

Trained technicians are available toll-free (800.888.0650) to answer any product application, installation or warranty questions Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST.

Firestone offers a line of Complete Suspension Solutions that includes Ride-Rite™, Sport-Rite™, Coil-Rite™ and Level-Rite™ air helper springs; Work-Rite™ load assist springs; and the R4Tech™ hybrid air/leaf suspension system. These products have become synonymous with quality, durability and outstanding customer support. For more information, visit

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