Stainless steel line kits


Eliminate GM/GMC fuel/brake line failure with kits from Classic Tube‏

Classic Tube stainless lines come in kits with tubing that is pre-made and model specific for quick and easy replacement.Lancaster, NY: Chevrolet/GMC 4WD short bed, longbed, regular and heavy-duty 4WD trucks, including the 1995-’99 Tahoe, are experiencing brake and fuel line corrosion and failure. Primarily affected are the ½ and ¾-ton vehicles from 1999 through 2005, depending on your vehicle. The routing of these factory mild steel lines tends to trap dirt, moisture, salt, road debris, etc., causing serious and dangerous corrosion and mild steel rust. This condition can result in the lines leaking or catastrophic failure.
Classic Tube has complete fuel and brake line kits for these trucks in rustproof STAINLESS STEEL. These kits are 100% correct stock replacements for the problem prone originals. Stainless Steel will last indefinitely, is impervious to rust, and completely resists salt deterioration. These brake and fuel line kits are easy to install and can be ordered with stainless steel end fittings for additional protection.
Before you experience fuel or brake line failure on your truck, contact the experts at Classic Tube and order your direct replacement parts. To preview their line of over 1500 new parts and tools, and all their other made in the U.S.A. fluid transfer products, visit
For additional information on repairing your Chevrolet/GMC truck contact the folks at Classic Tube, 80 Rotech Drive, Lancaster, NY 14086, 800-882-3711, Fax: 716-759-1014.