Electric infrared heating unit


Heat-A-Zone provides safe, cost-efficient infrared warmth

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Smaller. Stronger. Smarter – Heat-A-Zone is the advanced standard in portable and easy to deploy heating. Costing less than 10 cents an hour to operate, Heat-A-Zone is designed to provide safe infrared warmth to people, pets, and livestock without the need of flame or heated metal or ceramic elements.

Enjoy the safety, comfort, and warmth of our RoSH-Compliant, IP-65 rated Heat-A-Zone H-300 and enjoy using Heat-A-Zone in almost any environment – from maritime shipping to industrial, workshop to inside the barn, or from restaurant patios to warehouses. Heat-A-Zone is your ideal solution.

How It Works

Electric Infrared heating operates on the same basic principle as the sun – only without all the UV rays. The resulting energy is controlled and directed specifically to and on people or objects. This energy is not absorbed by air, and only warms people, animals, and the like.

Electric Infrared heating energy travels in straight lines from the heat source. This energy is directed into specific patterns by optically designed reflectors, Infrared, like light, travels outward from the heat source, operating in a specific spectrum of light. We all remember back to our physics classes back in grade and high school the basic rules of light you can and can’t see – obviously, Infrared light you can’t see and there are many different types. We use a part of the spectrum that brings warmth without any negative side effects.

Advantages of Using Heat-A-Zone

1) WARMS UP PEOPLE & LIVESTOCK, WITHOUT HEATING AIR Infrared travels through open space and is gently absorbed by people and livestock in its path. Infrared is not absorbed by the air, so it is efficient. While one can warm spaces with convection heating, all that happens is the air itself is warmed and circulated. Recall that warm air rises – so all the efforts are eventually wasted and it costs more to warm spaces. With Infrared heating, the warmth is created for people and in a natural way of use – think of being in the sun. When you step under a tree, you are not warmed any longer by the sun’s rays.

2) NO AIR MOVEMENT NECESSARY Infrared heating is not dependent upon air movement like convection heat. Infrared energy is absorbed solely when and how needed by persons and animals.

3) LOW OPERATING COSTS Infrared heating can have an energy/fuel savings of up to 50 percent. You will not end up wasting a lot of money on loss of warmth due to inefficiently warming the air. Actual savings will vary from building to building depending on factors such as insulation, ceiling height and type of construction.

4) INSTANT HEAT The beauty of Infrared Heating is its virtually instant heat, no long wait for heat buildup as in convection or other forms.

5) LOW-TO-NO MAINTENANCE No motors, no moving parts – no air filtration, nothing. That makes maintenance a breeze.

6) CLEAN Electric Infrared heating is one of the greenest method of heating. No fossil fuel combustion or by-products.

7) SAFE RoHS Compliant, IP-65 Rated, no moving parts to malfunction, no fuel lines capable of leaking, no toxic by-products as a result of combustion.