Champion Diesel Additive

Champion All Season Diesel Flo Additive

Diesel fuel additive improves fuel stability and cold-flow characteristics while keeping cetane levels high

Ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and Bio-diesel (B5 – B20) fuels, coupled with frigid temperatures and high levels of emulsified water, are the reasons diesel fuel gells and creates a lot of headaches for the contractor.

When the temperature drops below the cloud point of the fuel it causes operating difficulties due to wax dropout. Champion All Season Diesel Flo additive cures those ills.

Champion® All Season Diesel Flo multifunctional diesel fuel additive boosts performance in the key areas of injector detergency, fuel economy, smoke reduction, fuel lubricity, fuel stability, corrosion protection and cold flow improvement when used in ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and Bio-diesel (B5 – B20) fuels.

Wax crystals will tend to settle to the bottom of the tank leading to inconsistent fuel quality and field problems associated with the wax-enriched lower portion of the tank.

Treated the fuel with our Wax Anti-Settling Additive (WASA) can reduce the size of the wax crystals to the extent that wax settling is significantly slower or is halted completely.

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