JobClock Hornet


JobClock Hornet designed for use on remote jobsites; transmits time cards to office

JobClock Hornet is the first completely wireless, rugged time clock that automatically sends time records, every hour, from remote worksites back to the office using advanced GSM cellular technology.

Hornet, built in a rugged ABS housing designed for harsh outdoor conditions, provides a completely wireless time clock solution that sends data straight from the jobsite to the office.

With Hornet contractors can review time records from their desks throughout the day to keep their remote crews at peak efficiency while cutting down expenses in payroll, workers’ comp and fuel.

Hornet’s battery lasts 30 days and is ideal installation at remote sites.

A convenient carrying handle and integrated mounting plate make it easy to attach at any worksite.

Hornet is simple to use. Workers simply touch small, colored keytabs to the clock to punch in and out. The clock then instantly tracks work as it happens, delivering 100% accurate records automatically.

Bookkeepers can export Hornet’s attendance records in seconds from the JobClock system to QuickBooks or 40 other accounting and payroll applications, eliminating all manual data entry back in the office.