Logbook: Super Crew 10K

Logbook: 10,001 miles

January 20, 2012

Had to stop and take a picture of where the odometer clicked over 10,000 miles: Barber Motorsports Park entrance just outside Birmingham, Alabama.

Came here to help editor of our sister magazine, Total Landscape Care, shoot their cover.

Super Crew odo tripped 10,001 as I rolled into the Barber complex. A milestone of sorts.

Truck is a hit, too. Took a couple laps around the road course–got all of 35mph–to check out the best spot to shoot a zero-turn with a Porsche race car in the background.

Guess the zero-turn comparo story is in the upcoming issue of TLC.

As for the Super Crew, fuel mileage for the trip up to Barber has been hovering right around 14mpg cruising at 70.

Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ tire pressures set at 50psi. Might be able to squeeze a coupe tenths more if they were at 60-65psi–but then ride would be a little firm. — Bruce Smith/Editor



Zero-turn at Barber Motorsports complex....