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December 2011

Money Matters: New Truck Financing (Robin Walton)

New Pickups: Rolling into 2012 (Larry Walton)

Tow Tech: Perfect Set-Up (Bruce Smith)

Project Super Crew: Fine Tuning (Bruce Smith)

Buyer’s Guide: Body Armor (Bruce Smith)

How-To: Vinyl Body Wrap (Tom Jackson)

Tire Test: Mickey Thompson Street Baja (Bruce Smith)

Buyer’s Guide: Storage on Your Side

(Steve Campbell)

Readers’ Rides: Rough Rider (Bruce Smith)

Cool Tools: Must Have For Your Shop & Pickup (Tom Jackson)

Curb Appeal: Ready For Re-sale/Trade-in (Larry Walton)

Goosenecks: What You Need To Tow (G.R. Whale)

Mount Up: Steadying In-cab Electronics (Larry Walton)

Buyer’s Guide: Custom Wheels For HDs (Peter duPre)



October 2011

Money Matters: How to Lower Annual Fuel Costs (Robin Walton)

Project Super Crew: Gaining Ground (Bruce Smith)

Exhaust: DPF Delete (Austin Craig)

Snow Tire Comparison: Kings of Cold (Bruce Smith)

Snow Plowing: Fit to Plow (G. R. Whale)

Road Test: High Sierra GMC (Larry Walton)

Buyer’s Guide: Rack ‘Em Up (Peter duPre)

Readers’ Rides: Rockin’ in Rough Country

(Tom Jackson)

Trailer Tech: Snow Towing (Larry Walton)

Buyer’ Guide: Lift & Leveling Kits (Mike Magda)

Buyer’s Guide: Diesel Intercoolers (G.R. Whale)

How-To: Shortbed Tonneau Install (Bruce Smith)



August 2011

Money Matters: Liability Inventory (Robin Walton)

Buyer’s Guide: Exhaust Systems (Peter duPre)

Project Super Crew: Part II (Bruce Smith)

Tire Test: Cooper MAXX ST/T (Bruce Smith)

Road Test: 2011 Ford EcoBoost (Bruce Smith)

Towing Tech: Pulling your Weight (G. R. Whale)

Project Bedrock (Bruce Smith)

Readers’ Rides: Made in the Shade (Bruce Smith)

How-To: Superwinch install (Bruce Smith)

Lock Down: Regulations on Chain Binders (Tom Jackson)

Hook Ups: All about hitch selection (G.R. Whale)



June 2011

Money Matters: The Lease or Buy Decision (Robin Walton)

Mobile Office: Abundant Accessories (Amy Materson)

Buyer’s Guide: Weapons of Mass Traction (Mike Magda)

Project Super Crew: Intro (Bruce Smith)

Tire Test: BFG Rugged Terrain T/A (Bruce Smith)

How-To: Fast Turnover (Bruce Smith)

Buyer’s Guide: Tool ‘n’ Fuel (Steve Campbell)

How-To: Mileage Stretcher (Bruce Smith)

Readers’ Rides: Rock and Ice (Bruce Smith)

Alarm System Buyer’s Guide (Peter duPre)

Buyer’s Guide: Engine Programmers (Bruce Smith)



April 2011

Shop Talk: Ethanol-Good for the Farmers, Bad for Everyone Else (Tom Jackson)

Money Matters: The Insurance Maze (Robin Walton)

Special Report: Super Crew (Bruce Smith)

Towing Tech: Play by the Rules and Ruler (G. R. Whale)

Buyer’s Guide: Heavy-duty Winches (Bruce Smith)

Project Big Boss: It’s a Wrap (Bruce Smith)

Tire Test: General Grabber M/T (Bruce Smith)

In-Cab: Contractor Communications (Larry Walton)

Mobile Office: Office in an Armrest (Amy Materson)

Readers’ Rides: Bid Frac’ing Ram (Bruce Smith)



February 2011

Money Matters: Vehicle Deductions Lower Taxes

(Robin Walton, CPA)

How-To: Helper Springs (Bruce Smith)

Buyer’s Guide: Aux. Lights (Bruce Smith)

Project Big Boss: Work-Ready Ram (Bruce Smith)

Buyer’s Guide-Part III: Show Goes On (Larry Walton)

Tire Test: Nokian Hakkapalitla (Larry Walton)

First Drive: Ford F-250 King Ranch (Jack Roberts)

Tech Talk: Rust 101 (Tom Jackson)

How-To: Honing Winter Driving Skills (Larry Walton)

Readers’ Rides: Jonathan Pease 2008 Ford 250 4×4 SuperCab (Bruce Smith)



November/December 2010

Shop Notes: 10 Specialty Lubes No Shop Should be Without (Tom Jackson)

How-To: Wash ‘n’ Drive (Larry Walton)

How-To: Stylin Steps (Bruce Smith)

First Drive: 2011 Ford F150 EcoBoost (Bruce Smith)

Buyer’s Guide: Tonneau Covers (Larry Walton)

Big Boss-Part II (Bruce Smith)

How-To: Daystar Leveling Kit (Tom Jackson)

How-To: Air Suspension (Bruce Smith)

Product Review: Switch Hitch Portable Back-up Camera (Larry Walton)

How-To: Twin Steering Stabilizers (Bruce Smith)

Buyer’s Guide: Rear View Cameras (Larry Walton)



Summer 2010

Shop Notes: Utility Player Synthetic/Conventional Oil (Tom Jackson)

First Drive: GM’s New HDS (Larry Walton)

How-To: Transfer Flow Tool/Fuel Box (Bruce Smith)

Buyer’s Guide: Suspension Lift and Leveling Kits (Tom Jackson)

Project Big Boss-Part 1 (Bruce Smith)

Buyer’s Guide: Organizing Man (Larry Walton)

How-To: Installing a Warn Winch/Bumper (Bruce Smith)

Tire Test: Bridgestone’s Dueler A/T Revo (Larry Walton)



Spring 2010

First Drive: The New Crew (Bruce Smith)

Big Boss (Bruce Smith)

How-To: Gaining an Edge (Larry Walton)

Pulling Power: Guide to Winches and Winching (Bruce Smith)

Tire Test: Mud Matters-Dick Cepek Mud Country (Larry Walton)

First Drive: 2011 Chevys (Bruce Smith)

The New Diesel Engines: Filler Up 2x (Tom Jackson)

Buyer’s Guide: Exhaust Systems Fever (Tom Jackson)

Tailgate Myth Closed (Bruce Smith)

First Drive: Ford Powers-Up (Bruce Smith)

Stretching Fuel Economy (Bruce Smith)

Trailer Tech: Pickup Tow Ratings (Bruce Smith)

Product Review/Test: Warn Air-Power VTC (Larry Walton)