Purolator’s new synthetic oil filter


Provides 10,000-mile vehicle protection





Purolator's Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter is specifically designed for today's synthetic oils and the longer intervals between oil changes.



BROADVIEW, IL, January 10, 2011 – Finally, there is an oil filter made specifically for vehicle owners using synthetic motor oils in their cars. Purolator is announcing Purolator Synthetic, a new oil filter based on cutting edge technology. Purolator Synthetic features 100 percent synthetic media that is custom-engineered to allow motorists to realize maximum benefits from synthetic motor oils.

“The key benefit of synthetic oils is chemistry that allows them to perform for extended periods of time,” said Chuck Kerrigan, Director of Marketing, for Purolator. “In order to take advantage of the extended life offered by synthetic oils, motorists need an oil filter that can capture and hold the tiny particulates that can accumulate over time. Now Purolator has introduced the Purolator Synthetic, an exciting new filter that incorporates fully synthetic media combined with a specially designed media support system and other component technological innovations for longevity that allows motorists to enjoy the full benefits of longer-life synthetic oils,” said Kerrigan.

Specifically, Purolator Synthetic utilizes 100 percent synthetic media with pleat support technology containing wire backing that is engineered for today’s high-tech engines. The result is a filter that has substantially more ‘capacity’ than conventional oil filters. This allows the filter to capture and safely hold more contaminants generated over the extended life of synthetic oils without getting clogged, Kerrigan said.

At the same time, Purolator Synthetic features 99 percent ‘efficiency’ which means that it can capture and safely hold 99 percent of particulates 25 microns in size or larger. A micron is a millionth of a meter.

“It is this extraordinary combination of capacity and efficiency, along with design technology, that maintains the integrity of the media for extended periods of time,” said Kerrigan. “This makes Purolator Synthetic a 10,000-mile filter available for those motorists that are using synthetic motor oils in their vehicles,” he said.

The introduction of Purolator Synthetic oil filters is yet another milestone among the many other filtration innovations pioneered by Purolator, including the invention of the very first automotive oil filter (a “Pure Oil Later”) in 1923, the first full-flow oil filter in 1943, and the first spin-on oil filter in 1955.

Purolator is a proud supporter of the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association’s (AASA) Know Your Parts® education and awareness campaign. This initiative promotes the importance of quality brand name aftermarket parts backed by full service suppliers to preserve the industry’s good reputation. For more information, visit: www.AASAKnowYourParts.org.

Purolator manufactures and supplies high quality automotive and heavy duty filters to the North American aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers. Inventor of the automotive oil filter in 1923, Purolator has, since then, pioneered more than 40 ‘firsts’ in the filtration industry. In fact, the first automotive oil filter was called a ‘Purolator,’ short for ‘pure oil later.’ Currently, the Purolator brand has more than 2,000 part numbers for automotive, light truck and heavy-duty applications. Now part of the Bosch umbrella of automotive aftermarket products within NAFTA, Purolator’s advanced aftermarket filters include:

  • PureONE and Purolator Classic oil filters
  • PureONE and Purolator Classic air filters
  • BreatheEasy cabin air filters
  • The ‘forgotten filters,’ including transmission filters, fuel filters, breathers and PCV valves.

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