Backbone's VBACK

VBACK rear rack for Backbone’s Bedrail System

Backbone VBACK postioned as an overhead rack tilted forward. It may also be installed angled back.

Contractors will find Backbone’s rack system to be stylish, versatile and functional. A basic lumber/ladder rack may not be the look you want for your daily driver, but you have occasion to haul job-related materials. This could be the solution.

This secondary rear loop can be added to Backbone‘s bed rail systems and is moveable as well as reversible. Are you sick of hitting your head on that old rack when you try and get into your rig? No worries, with Backbone’s patent pending VTILT design, the choice is yours- lean it toward the cab, or flip it back for a raked out look. Want to roll for the weekend without that “ladder rack” look?  No problem, just slide the VBACK into the forward position for the locked and loaded look of side by side headache racks. The VBACK is available in various color and finish options, and can be ordered with STUD BARS, and KNUCKLE tie-downs for all your hauling needs.The VBACK can be moved forward to make room for tall cargo.