Cobra electronic G5 tag

Cobra Tag™ G5

New loss-prevention tagging system links to your Smartphone; no more lost keys, purses, wallets or other valuables

Occasionally misplacing smartphones, keys, handbags, wallets and other essentials is a frustrating and oftentimes costly fact of life for most people.

Cobra Tag G5, powered by PhoneHalo technology, is a highly affordable ($59.95) loss-prevention system that solves this vexing problem by warning users that they are about to leave their valuables behind.


Cobra Tag G5 uses Smartphone to keep personal items from being left behind.The system consists of a small, sleek key fob device paired with a free companion smartphone app.


The system uses Bluetooth® wireless technology and a separation alarm to link the user’s valuables to their smartphone—ensuring Cobra customers never leave their valuables behind.

The system monitors the distance between the phone and tagged items and produces an audible alert if they become separated.

The new Cobra Tag G5 is a Bluetooth Smart device that takes loss prevention to a whole new level by leveraging the benefits of the new Bluetooth v4.0 Low-Energy (BLE) standard. Among its host of powerful new capabilities, Cobra Tag G5 offers:

  • Bluetooth Smart Battery Life – Cobra Tag G5 lasts more than 6 months without charging. The new smartphone app monitors the device’s battery life and will alert users when their battery is running low and their device needs to be recharged.
  • iPhone® 4S compatibility – Cobra Tag G5 is interoperable with new and future smartphones equipped with Bluetooth v4.0.
  • Notification Radius – Both the Cobra Tag G5 unit and the smartphone can be set to alert the user when leaving their items behind, and offers bi-directional protection.
  • Finder – The phone or tablet device can be used to find the user’s tagged objects through an audible alarm triggered in the app.  The user can also use the Cobra Tag G5 device to cause their phone to ring.
  • Automatic Geo-Tagging – The Cobra Tag G5 automatically records the last known location of their valuables and provides the owner this information through the app, email, social media, and the web to easily recover their items.