Enviro-friendly cleaners


Eagle One EnviroShine

Keep Trucks Clean And Shiny With New Eco-Friendly Products

Keep trucks clean and shiny with new eco-friendly appearance care products with the new Eagle One EnviroShineWash, Glass Cleaner, Wheel & Tire Cleanerand Tire Shine.

Eagle One’s products were developed with the latest technology and contain environmentally safe ingredients that are non-toxic, biodegradable and free of harsh solvents.

Car Wash is safe for all finishes and is formulated to provide rich sudsing for better cleaning and
it enhances a wax shine.

Glass Cleaner quickly and effectively removes dirt and grime leaving glass streak-free and it is safe for tinted windows.

Wheel and tire detailing is a breeze using Eagle One’s one-step Wheel & Tire Cleaner and
Tire Shine, which provides a glossy black shine.

Contact:  www.eagleone.com; 800-432-4531.